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Use the Life video above as your guide. Good luck!

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1. What shoe is Lute wearing at the airport?
2. How many different people took off masks?
3. How many people have visible tattoos?
4. What type of car is most visible on the street when Lute is performing?
5. What colors are represented on the flag in the Life video?
6. How many professional sports team logos are seen in Life video?
7. Which band tee can be seen in the video?
8. What hoodie is Lute wearing?
9. The mural depicted says what?
10. Which legendary artist's work can be seen in the video?

-One entry per participant
-G.E.D. Card holders are granted one additional entry
-Winners will be selected at random and notified via email

*Prizes consist of exclusive Lute merch (valued over $150)